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Hepburn should have died long before he did. search for the former username twiceborn here on tnation forums or google his name with doug hepburn. an absolute goliath in the training world, douglas ivan hepburn or doug for short, was one of the most respected athletes of the mid- twentieth century. rest 3- 5 minute doug hepburn book between sets.

this is reflected in his programs, which focus entirely on compound strength movements and do not explicitly recommend any direct accessory work. this new book, a biography written by tom thurston, takes the form of a conversational, first- person narrative, which makes both enjoyable and inspirational reading. thurston' s approach to the telling of hepburn' s life is as remarkable as the great man himself.

mark bell - sling shot 226, 118 views. doug hepburn had built himself to world doug hepburn book championship standards but remained largely unknown until charles a. doug hepburn strength training routine ( hepburn' s law) by john myles and doug hepburn. most of the book is in hepburn' s own voice making the work seem more autobiographical than biographical. here' s some routines from the late, great and uber strong doug hepburn. he won a weightlifting gold medal at the 1953 world championships. there was already doug hepburn book a historical event taking place in quebec honouring louis cyr which is still doug hepburn book going strong so the junior doug hepburn championships was created which is a youth only event in british columbia.

facebook gives people the power to. doug hepburn has 13 books on goodreads, and recently added map addict: a tale of obsession, fudge & the ordnance survey by mike parker and at home: a sho. book doug hepburn book depository books with free delivery worldwide:. in the old days, hepburn [. he had literary ambitions and had a large output of essays and poems and other writings.

no frills, no over- complication. it doug hepburn book is with great pride that i present here the training views of doug hepburn, how he trains for the press. will mark the 19th annual junior doug hepburn. doug hepburn laid out the rules for a program that will develop tremendous size, strength, and power. read on for a little history and the routine details.

winning gold medals at the 1953 world weightlifting championships, the 1954 british empire games and a series of other contests, hepburn is perhaps best known for his incredible power. the training methods detailed in this course were developed by one of the most powerful men who even lived – the canadian hercules, doug hepburn. he was the first natural lifter to bench press 500 pounds, and he could squat 600 pounds for reps at the age of 54. 5 out of 5 stars 6.

1 53 doug hepburn has become synonymous with brute force and sheer simplicity. but don' t forget one of the most important points that hepburn made in his book: have a life outside of training. thorough yet engaging tale of the " strongest man in the world", doug hepburn. the doug hepburn power and pump 8x3 protocol ( program a) is one of my favorite training systems. program a basically works like this. the deep knee bend by doug hepburn if i were given doug hepburn book the choice of two exercises and two only to develop the basic power and muscular bulk of the body i would, without hesitation, choose the bench press and deep knee bend. some find it boring.

and now available in pink! born in vancouver with a clubbed foot and cross- eyed, doug ivan hepburn overcame these handicaps, setting a canadian record for weightlifting in 1950 and winning gold medals at the 1953 world championships in stockholm and the 1954 british empire and commonwealth games in vancouver. this compelling biography of doug hepburn, the weightlifter who won gold for canada in stockholm in 1953 and at the british empire games in vancouver in 1954, delivers fascinating, first- hand information about an unusual vancouver athlete and the sporting world of the 1950s and 1960s. impossible to read " strongman: the doug hepburn story" without coming away both drained and inspired. hepburn was a singer and songwriter, releasing a christmas tune, the " hepburn carol". in his prime, doug hepburn was considered by many to be the strongest man who ever lived. he was also as big as a tank. a shot of a young doug hepburn performing what amounts to a “ muscle out” with a friend performing a handstand on his outstretched arms.

hepburn was born in vancouver, canada, on septem. one of doug hepburn’ s training routines – known as program a – is known for its uncanny ability to create consistent strength gains. train 4 days a week. born cross- eyed and with a clubfoot, hepburn took up weight training when he was 15 and overcame his disabilities to become incredibly strong – by age 18 he could squat 340 pounds, bench press 260 and curl 140. the doug hepburn method doug hepburn was a canadian strongman.

doug hepburn strict pressed 380 pounds back in 1954. there is doug hepburn book a sense hepburn is speaking directly to us. he was born with a deformity to his right foot ( club foot) and a vision distortion known as cross- doug hepburn book eyes. hepburn quit working for tunney in 1956; he had one more brief stint as a wrestler while working for cliff parker in british columbia before retiring. below there are essentially 2 programs, each with a power phase and a pump phase.

doug left the york gang on janu, for his long journey back home. developing an " explosive force" was an important theme in doug hepburn' s training. barski and i also hoped that we’ d get to meet doug hepburn, one of the legends in our sport, who also lived there. doug hepburn also relied upon a very low rep scheme to surpass the strongest of his day. that he beat the odds to once again become doug hepburn book the champion he once was, is the stuff that makes a legend. view the profiles of people named doug hepburn. it' s powerbuilding at its finest - brutal, hard work on basic doug hepburn book exercises.

follow the hepburn plan for a few months and let me know what happens. but, doug wasn’ t just strong. doug hepburn was a canadian strongman. the appendices regarding hepburn' s training regimen and health/ strength advice were an unexpected bonus. he lifted in an era where aas was not as prominent, even though he still probably had some minor assistance.

born in vancouver with a club foot and a severe alternating squint, doug decided as a boy to surmount his disabilities by training with weights, setting his sights on becoming the world' s strongest man. on the radio the smooth voices of dean martin, nat king cole and a young tony bennett could be heard crooning. doug hepburn was a canadian world- champion weightlifter.

for example, going from 10 triples down to only four ( but with 10 more lbs on the bar) would have you feeling so energetic that you feel like you might explode. he doug hepburn book also shared with me his bench press routine, which he says made his press so strong. long before steroid abuse became common in the weight- training world, legendary strongman doug hepburn was proving by example that the right combination of smart doug hepburn book training, nutrition, adequate recovery, and determination can dramatically increase your strength, size, and power.

join facebook to connect with doug hepburn and others you may know. and even today, more than 50 years after doug hepburn' s. tom thurston has written the first biography of one of canada' s athletic legends, doug hepburn. these achievements over adversity are told in strongman: the doug hepburn story. doug hepburn’ s amazing raw strength by sean katterle the year 1953 was a golden time to be young and in america. born with a club foot and a withered doug hepburn book right leg, doug was faced with many more obstacles than the average teenager when he began lifting weights at 15.

born in vancouver with a clubbed foot and cross- eyed, hepburn overcame these handicaps, setting a canadian record for weightlifting in doug hepburn book 1950 and winning gold medals at the 1953 world championships in stockholm and the 1954 british empire and commonwealth games in vancouver. doug hepburn: power & pump routines ap octo doug hepburn was one of the famous old- school lifters of doug hepburn book the golden age, a guy who was knocking out some spectacular feats back in the 1950s and 60s. this picture was taken around 1950, then, and for a few years prior, doug was a lifeguard at vancouver’ s famous kitsilano beach. he had personal experience with doug and his methods which are slightly different than the book.

he excelled despite these short comings. hepburn was born in. it keeps me fresh with absolutely no burn out. product information. while in the process of going where no man had gone before, doug' s bench press routine consisted of training the bench twice per week while using an ascending series of single reps which led to a maximum weight ( doug hepburn book see fig. this article was written after extensive correspondence with doug and is set forth here practically in his own words, as told to me in his many letters.

doug hepburn bench press routine* warm- up with a medium weight for a set of 5 reps, 5- 8 singles with 90% of 1 rep max, 6 sets of 3- 5 reps with 70- 80% of 1 rep max. i like dougs methods or a variation of for my main strength exercises. smith, the prolific weight lifting writer for weider mags, took a hand in the proceedings. just straight- forward mucking it out. slingshot: what it does, how it works, which one to buy. description or summary of the book: tom thurston has written the first biography of one of canada' s athletic legends, doug hepburn. doug was old school strong.